The Evangelization in Asia
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31 [Korea Catholic News] Prayers for Peace on 70th Anniversary of Korean War file 디지털팀 2021.07.12 23
30 [Korea Catholic News] Patriot and Pioneer: Seo Sang-don, a Hero of Korean Church 1 file 디지털팀 2021.07.12 20
29 [Missionary in Asia] Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Our Lady in China file 디지털팀 2021.07.12 13
28 [Beatification of Korean Catholic Martyrs] Martyrdom of Kwon Il-Shin Francisco Javier file 디지털팀 2021.07.12 13
27 [EAEC News] Main Events of EAEC in June 1 file 디지털팀 2021.07.12 17
26 [June][Missionary in Asia] “Love one another as I have loved you.” file 디지털팀 2021.06.20 24
25 [June][Korea Catholic News] Thousands pay tribute to South Korean cardinal file 디지털팀 2021.06.20 20
24 [June][Korea Catholic News] Korean bishop urges parliament to prioritize 'life over choice' file 디지털팀 2021.06.20 21
23 [June][Beatification of Korean Catholic Martyrs] Martyrdom of Cheong Yak-jong Augustine file 디지털팀 2021.06.20 26
22 [June][EAEC News] Establishment of Book Management System at EAEC file 디지털팀 2021.06.20 22
21 [May][Korea Catholic News] Raphael Clinic Launches Free Medical Treatment for Myeong-dong Soup Kitchen Users file 디지털팀 2021.05.26 41
20 [May][Korea Catholic News] The Pope gives his Easter Message and the Special Blessing file 디지털팀 2021.05.26 28
19 [May][Missionary in Asia] A Mission at St. Paul School in Dzuumod, Mongolia Prioritizes ‘Humility in Life’. file 디지털팀 2021.05.26 28
18 [May][Beatification of Korean Catholic Martyrs] Martyrdom of Yi Seung-Houn file 디지털팀 2021.05.26 29
17 [May][EAEC News] The 13th Academic Symposium and the 3rd Academic Forum file 디지털팀 2021.05.26 29
16 [April][Preliminary Examination on the Beatification of Yi Byok and 132 Martyrs] file 디지털팀 2021.04.17 40
15 [April][Missionary in Asia] Volunteer Experience in Cambodia, "God Saw How Good It Was.’ file 디지털팀 2021.04.17 39
14 [April][Korea Catholic News] Korean Bishops are Concerned about Bloodshed in Myanmar file 디지털팀 2021.04.17 27
13 [April][Korea Catholic News] Haemi Martyrs’Site Approved by the Vatican as an ‘International Shrine’ file 디지털팀 2021.04.17 22
12 [April][Preface] ✠ Matthias Ri Iong-Hoon (Bishop of Suwon, Chairman of CBCK) file 디지털팀 2021.04.17 32
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