The Evangelization in Asia
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46 [Korean Catholic News] Excavation of the Remains of the First Martyrs in the Korean Church file 디지털팀 2021.10.13 7
45 [Korean Catholic News] Offering Love and Care to Migrant Communities file 디지털팀 2021.10.13 5
44 [Missionary in Asia] Enduring Covid-19 with Bangladeshi Missionaries file 디지털팀 2021.10.13 12
43 [Beatification of Korean Catholic Martyrs] Christ’s Warriors of Sangju file 디지털팀 2021.10.13 9
42 [EAEC News] Main Events of EAEC in September file 디지털팀 2021.10.13 9
41 [september][Korea Catholic News] Pope Francis’ Blessing Message on the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Saint Kim Tae-gon Andrea file 디지털팀 2021.09.06 22
40 [september][Korea Catholic News] Korean Catholics Celebrate Birth Bicentenary of St. Andrew Kim file 디지털팀 2021.09.06 11
39 [september][Missionary in Asia] Missionary Work in the Philippines by the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul file 디지털팀 2021.09.06 13
38 [september][Beatification of Korean Catholic Martyrs] Martyrdom of Kim Beom-woo Thomas file 디지털팀 2021.09.06 11
37 [september][EAEC News] Main Events of EAEC in August file 디지털팀 2021.09.06 23
36 [August][Korea Catholic News] Mass of Thanksgiving for Archbishop Yoo, Heung-sik as the Prefect in the Vatican file 디지털팀 2021.08.08 16
35 [August][Korea Catholic News] Korean Church Provides Emergency Relief for India, Myanmar file 디지털팀 2021.08.08 10
34 [August][Missionary in Asia] The Eucharist Adoration in Chinese Churches file 디지털팀 2021.08.08 22
33 [August][Beatification of Korean Catholic Martyrs] Martyrdom of Kwon Cheol-shin Ambrosio file 디지털팀 2021.08.08 10
32 [August][EAEC News] Main Events of EAEC in July file 디지털팀 2021.08.08 16
31 [July][Korea Catholic News] Prayers for Peace on 70th Anniversary of Korean War file 디지털팀 2021.07.12 37
30 [July][Korea Catholic News] Patriot and Pioneer: Seo Sang-don, a Hero of Korean Church 1 file 디지털팀 2021.07.12 1015
29 [July][Missionary in Asia] Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Our Lady in China file 디지털팀 2021.07.12 24
28 [July][Beatification of Korean Catholic Martyrs] Martyrdom of Kwon Il-Shin Francisco Javier file 디지털팀 2021.07.12 980
27 [July][EAEC News] Main Events of EAEC in June 1 file 디지털팀 2021.07.12 25
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